Instructions for Authors

Journal of the Hellenic Institute of Egyptology appears annually every December. Deadline for papers is end of August.

The JHIE is a peer–reviewed Egyptological Journal with very high standards. By participating and sending your contributions you declare the originality and non plagiarism of your work and you accept all editing and corrections of the Referees and of the Executive Editor in Chief. We are looking forward to your contributions. There are no publication fees for JHIE, although we supplicate the authors to buy the relevant issue.

All authors are kindly requested and expected to follow precisely the Editorial Rules. Papers of authors who do not follow the JHIE–Rules will NOT be published, even if they are accepted by the Referees! We kindly ask you to respect this and follow the rules, trying to save as much time as possible, for both parts, in both: unnecessary labour and unnecessary exchange of e–mails.

  1. Use EXACTLY our bibliographical reference pattern. All authors should study carefully the pattern, in order to understand how they must present their bibliography. Everything they may wish to ask can be found there. There will be no further discussion, should any author has not followed these guidelines; his/her paper will not be published!
  2. No unorthodox, racist or strange political statements are permitted and terminology should be politically correct, without discrimination between men and women or any other «racial», religious or sexual discriminations! For instance DO NOT say «man/men has/have done a lot», prefer rather humans have done a lot or humanity has done a lot, & c.
  3. Use throughout Hellenicinstead of «Greek», Hellas instead of «Greece», Hellenic language instead of «Greek language». Also, kindly, use throughout BC and AD.
  4. Please insert ALL your figures and captions in your papers, exactly where you want them to be, but DO NOT insert any pagination numbers! Everywhere the space must be single (in the main text, in footnotes, in headers and footers). Also indentation and spacing must be zero (0) everywhere.
  5. Use ONLY the following quotation marks « », instead of “ ” or ‘ ’. The latter may be used ONLY inside the former for a double quotation. Use the normal apostrophe ’, not this one ' !
  6. Use big hyphens for closely related words, e.g.: world–wide, NOT «world-wide». Also for independent sentences inside a phrase use the biggest hyphens, i.e.: blah blah blah blah —blih blih blih blih— blah blah blah … For page references, use only normal hyphens, e.g.: 4-5, 12-14, 99-132, 202-214, 1023 ff, & c. For lexica (e.g.: RÄRG, Wb., FCD, LA, LGG, & c.), use e.g.: art. «Nut» or s.v. «Geb».
  7. Use throughout Gardiner’s transliteration scheme.
  8. Use only footnotes, never endnotes! All footnotes must be normal, not very extended, and the references therein must follow the pattern HORNUNG 1999: 32-45 or BRETAGNON & FRANCOU 1988: 310, & c. So, the name of the author must be in SMALL CAPITALS and the full reference can be found ONLY at the end of the paper, in the Bibliography. Use the Abc formatting function via Word 2003.
  9. Please use 12' fonts’ size for the main text, 10' for the footnotes and for figure–captions, but the bibliography at the end of each paper must be 9'; finally 15'/13' must be used for titles/subtitles of the papers/sections. Use PALATINO LINOTYPE fonts throughout, in the main text, in the captions, in the footnotes, in the headers and footers! We do not want to see any other fonts except for special texts in transliteration, Hellenic, Coptic, Hebrew, Arabic, & c.
  10. Please send *.doc files, NOT *.docx! Latest version of MS Word to save files is 2003, NOT later!
  11. Please use a template of 2 cm margins on all four sides (left, right, bottom, top); paper size A4, headers and footers at 1.25 cm, different odd and even. Kindly, do not forget to include a short Abstract and at least 7-10 Key Words at the beginning of your papers!
  12. All papers must be 12 pages (maximum!!) including figures, altogether. Only KEY–NOTE or specially invited papers can be 20 pages maximum with their figures! All submitted papers must be original and not published already or be under publication in any other journal!

If somebody needs to write ancient Hellenic texts, please ask us for special fonts that will be sent gratis. Same for Hieroglyphic transliteration fonts and Coptic. If possible, prefer WinGlyph to JSesh.

For patters for bibliographical references, consult the Front Matter of the latest issue.