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Papers presented at the third international conference of the Hellenic Institute of Egyptology

Women in and on the Egyptian 21st Dynasty Coffins

Niwiński, Andrzej


Coffins of the 21st Dynasty consist of a much valuable source of the information concerning women of that period. From the inscriptions containing the titles and names of women one can get some knowledge about the persons who were buried in the coffins, about their position in the Theban society of the 21st Dynasty, sometimes about family relationships, especially with the high priest of Amun. Similar information can be furnished by the gilding of some parts of the coffin lid, or a damage done to the gilded surfaces by the robbers. The very rich iconography of the painted coffin decoration is another source of information concerning wo?men: first of all about their dress and their ritual activities. However, the shape of a woman was often given to some religious ideas, especially personifications that traditionally —although not correctly— are given the designations "goddesses". Also some symbolic ideas like cardinal points or some words of feminine gender were presented on the coffins in the female form. Finally, the divinized Queens like Iᶜah–mes–Nefertiry were sometimes painted on coffins.


Niwiński, A. 2022. «Women in and on the Egyptian 21st Dynasty Coffins», JHIE 5: 93–106



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Submitted on 2022-04-15; accepted on 2022-11-20


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