Volume 3 (2020)

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Représentations de Nout dans les Tombes Thébaines de Particuliers

Guilhou, Nadine


The goddess Nut is depicted in different ways in the Theban tombs of individuals. She is particularly related to water, most often through the icon of the nourishing tree, but also in relation to the pool. Another main component is her cosmic dimension, highlighted by her presence on the ceilings and her role in the solar journey, grasping the Sun of her arms at night to rebirth it in her womb and bring it back into the world in the morning.  The paper provides a synthesis of these different topics.


Guilhou, N. 2020. «Représentations de Nout dans les Tombes Thébaines de Particuliers», JHIE 3: 47–58



Language: fr

Submitted on 2016-03-31; accepted on 2020-10-04


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